Whether a mold maker or a molder, having an independent plastic processor support TEAM can be critical, whether it’s to penetrate new markets, translate successes, find resources and / or assist with operation’s needs. PNR has “been there, done that” and our support level is as limited or in-depth as you require.

Operations and Process Review / Audit / Certification

Whether you are a custom or proprietary molding operation, you could use an experienced set of eyes and knowledge base to review equipment, processes and systems that will make you more competitive and unique to existing and potential customers. PNR is that resource.

Translating Business Successes

When you have a breakthrough design, process or approach that results in new business, you want to take that result to others in the same market. PNR has the database and industry knowledge to translate your unique edge to even more business.

Material Support with Suppliers / OEM’s

Having additional technical knowledge support on engineering thermoplastic, thermoset and rubber materials can be the difference when bidding and winning contracts. We know the sources and specific contacts that can support your efforts to win business and then support you through the sampling and approval process.

Personnel Sourcing

Networking on a global basis in all aspects of the plastics industry gives PNR a broad base to draw from for talent with a proven track record.