When an OEM embarks on a new product development initiative, plastic part design, material, mold design and specifications, and supplier knowledge are often limited with the result being engineering changes and delays.

This is where Plastics Network Resources (PNR) can provide much needed support and OEM plastics services. We are an independent and knowledgeable resource for design analysis, material selection, tooling and processing.

Cycle Development Support

PNR supports your internal efforts with additional resources to conduct reviews and audits of all the elements necessary to successfully produce plastic components.

Design Suitability & Manufacturability

PNR uses Solidworks CAD software with “plastics centric” engineers to ensure your design will perform as intended in the prescribed environment using an appropriate material and processing solution.

Complete Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Services

We offer complete part design and CAE engineering services. PNR understands “metal to plastic” design principles that optimize part consolidation, material selection, mold design and processing conditions.

Material Selection, Certification, & Analysis

We provide reviews of supplier capabilities, evaluate available materials options, produce specifications for custom formulation development and confirm chosen materials are adequately tested and relevant certifications are obtained.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Interface

PNR has years of experience working closely with UL engineering and management regarding flame retardant plastics for UL Recognized components. We can proactively get UL on your development team at the beginning of your project to ensure all standards are met to produce compliant components on your timeline.

Domestic & Global Processor Selection & Evaluation

Supplier interviews audits seldom include protocols or personnel with the background to evaluate potential plastic part design, material, tooling or processing sources. Having PNR be part of your supply chain and quality teams from the start is guaranteed to save time and money. In addition, PNR is knowledgeable in the capabilities of a wide network of material, tooling and plastics processors with solid references.