“Plastics” have been a material of choice in a growing number of applications for over 100 years. And yet, understanding the fundamentals for plastic parts is often not given enough importance on each new and even existing product. Including an experienced, independent resource is an excellent decision.


  • Independent, systematic, and detailed design review process for plastic part application

  • Designing on the front end for mold, material, and process

  • Independent resource for design reviews that includes mold maker, molder, material supplier(s), secondary operations, etc.


  • Independent resource to explore all material requirements (checklist)

  • Understanding “compounds” and “blends”
  • Product Groups: structural, conductive, flame retardant, wear, and color

  • Key material NOTES on part drawings (specific supplier and/or grade, regrind %, special handling, etc.)

  • Supplier options / resources

  • Supplier audit


  • Lock down process from First Article submission

  • Require material, moisture, and process certification


  • 50+ year global network for material, molds, processors, secondary operations, etc.