Plastics Network Resources LLC (PNR) is unique in that we bring our global network of plastics professionals, engineers, suppliers, processors and related agencies to you, the client.

The interesting thing about networking is that it expands exponentially your available knowledge base. We continue to refine this network approach to bring high quality information in a rapid timeframe.

PNR is a results oriented facilitator for the plastics industry.

George Yule

George is the founder and President of Plastics Network Resources LLC (PNR). George brings over fifty years of experience in the plastics industry, including thermoset and thermoplastic processing, mold making, engineering thermoplastic materials development and years of management/ownership experience. George has developed a vast network of companies, individuals and services that specifically target your needs. George is respected globally in the plastics industry with a long history with the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Western Plastics Pioneers (WPP), and the Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA).

Headquartered in Golden, CO, PNR can support our clients remotely and in their locations around the world. We are a different model for plastics consulting/facilitating that is broader-based, able to respond quickly and therefore more cost-effective.

George Yule